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Revitalization of the Czech Technical University building, Jugoslavskych Partyzanu 1580/3

Prague 6, Dejvice

On the campus of Czech Technical University in Prague are erected 2 buildings for CIIRC – new construction building A and adaptive reuse of existing building B.

Ciirc – Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics is modern teaching facility of new generation and use for scientific research teams. A - new building has ten above ground floors, on the bottom 4 floors of laboratories, scientist modules, classrooms, above are offices, meeting rooms, teaching and research modules for professors and students. Offices of the rector of the University are on the last two floors of the building. On the top floor is congress type auditorium, in the basement is fully automatic car park.

In the project are introduced series of architectural and technical features and inovations. Probably the most visible is the double skin façade (5-9 floor) with transparent double layer membrane ETFE -Ethylen-TetraFluorEthylen cushions with triple glazed modular system. Such building envelope has high acoustic protective value and is acting as solar collector for recuperation of hot air on the top floors, saving up to 30% of an energy consumption. Protected from the wind behind the ETFE cushions are horizontal blinds, the inner climate is controlled by BMS system. For heating and cooling are installed chilled beams. In Czech Republic is this double pneumatic membrane façade using ETFE foil applied first time.

B - in the existing building – because of the high ceilings, there was possible to adapt the centre of the building for stepped classroom. Open space laboratories and presentation rooms are created mainly for robotics, on the top floor is respirium with triple layer ETFE roof for students assembly. Extensive glass wall with cut out entrances was placed in the building line to create interspace between the street and the existing building. Semitransparent glass staircases are leading to lecture halls, classrooms and respirium. The interaction of structural elements plays a significant role in the over all effect. Both buildings are connected by glazed bridges.