Head architect:

Petr Franta

comission agent, design architect, autorization, CKA,SKA

Architectural studio/office:

Architectural staff including secretarial / production support

Other professionals:

M&E services & structural engineers are hired according to client needs - they can be under umbrella, but they are not sitting under one roof with us.

For larger projects we have ability to hire people according to project needs.

Prague International Airport Ruzyne we were 35 at the peak.

Na Prikope 13 in production period - 25.

Both projects were handed in English, in case of airport project - the English was official language of the project.

We are able to work in association with foreign offices - U.S., U.K., Canadian

Strengths and level of involvement in each phase

Phase 1 - conceptual design

Phase 2 - schematic design

Phase 3 - interior design

Phase 4 - design development

*Phase 5 - construction documents

*Phase 6 - construction supervision/- administration

* Strength according to client needs - contractual negotiations between associated architects - client’s program input, cope e.t.c., insurance and liabilities